Preview Hans Klok’s House of Horror in De Wereld Draait Door

“The most dangerous illusion I have ever done”

From August 14 until October 2 in Royal Theatre Carré. Ticket sales have started!


Hans Klok gave audiences a taste of his new show Hans Klok’s House of Horror when he performed his most dangerous illusion ever, live on Dutch television show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’.

“It took months of daily training to get this illusion right” says Hans.

“You cannot afford to make a mistake, because it will be your last.”

This illusion has been one of the biggest secrets in the world of magic for years, and was invented by legendary illusionist Hans Moretti. After Moretti’s death many famous illusionist tried to figure out how the trick worked. No one succeeded. Moretti’s relatives have now revealed the secret to Hans Klok. This makes him the first and only illusionist in the world that can perform this illusion.


Watch his performance here: