RTL Press Day report

On the 10th of September RTL Germany was all about MAGIC! The world famous magician Hans Klok, the fastest illusionist of all time, who already had his own Show in Las Vegas, showed his magical talent throughout the broadcasting studios!

In the early morning he joined the team of  “Guten Morgen Deutschland” .  Wolfram Kons wasn’t sure if he would get his arm back in one piece during one of Hans’ illusions. Afterwards Hans went on to join “Punkt 12″. He didn’t jump out of a big cake for anchorwoman  Katja Burkardt, but out of a big white box which hovered magically over the ground for some seconds.

Around 2 p.m. Hans showed one of his most spectacular tricks in the big entrance hall of the RTL building. Bound in a strait jacket and several chains he entered a big water tank and successfully unchained himself before suffocating! Thank God all went well and Hans left  soaked, but happy.

In evening show  “Explosiv” Hans Klok showed his talent as a sommelier. He would be the dream of every wine lover! From just one cylinder he made at least 14 red wine bottles appear out of nowhere! Host Elena Bruhn and Hans had enough wine in the end to celebrate a successful promotion day at RTL with the whole team!